Are you raising a Free-Range Kid? You are not alone!

It can be hard when it feels like you’re the only one in your neighborhood who wants to send your kids out to play or walk to school on their own — and it’s lonely for them. If only you could find other families who want to give their kids some unsupervised free time!

That’s what Find a Free-Range Friend is here to do. It’s a way to connect folks who share the belief that our kids grow and thrive when we give them some independence.

It’s easy and it’s free. You just register, enter your ZIP or postal code, and the birth year of your child (or children). If you ‘d like you can add the school they attend, their first names, or any little notes, like, “My kid loves kickball,” or, “My kids are free on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.”

Then you can search for other Free-Rangers in your neighborhood, and folks can search for you. Find someone who sounds promising? Send an email. Then, if you’d like, you can arrange to meet.

It’s all anonymous and there are no addresses given out. Living in these litigious times, Free-Range Kids feels obliged to say we are not responsible for what happens next. But we do hope that as we all connect, the streets and parks will fill with kids again.

Here’s to using modern technology to create an old-fashioned childhood!

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